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General Rules & Medical Requirements for League Participation Eligibility

Updated 02.09.18.

Please note, within Abu Dhabi Harlequins responsibility for the provision of all medical requirements as outlined within the General Competition Rules as outlined below, rests with the Manager of each team. Support will be provided, if required, by the Committee.

General Competition Rules

14.1 Medical Cover:

14.1.1 It is the duty of each home or host Club to provide first response and first aid facilities at each venue. Pitch side personnel who have a responsibility for first response or first aid should hold a current relevant qualification which is recognised by the DHA/HAAD/MOH or an equivalent qualification from a nationally recognised Awarding Body and World Rugby Level 1 Medical Certificate. It is the absolute responsibility of each Club to provide these minimum requirements as a duty of care to the Players. (A list of qualified first aiders within the club can be obtained by contacting the club Medical Officer medical@abudhabiquins.com)

Updated as per Letter to Clubs 16.07.18: Be aware that no match will be permitted to proceed unless the medical regulations are fully in place and signed off by the appointed Match Manager.

14.1.2 It is the duty of each home or host Club that if as set out above (Clause 14.1.1) is not available an ambulance must be present.

14.1.3 A Referee is within his or her rights not to start the game if there is no medical presence or he or she feels that the medical presence is inadequate.

14.1.4 Where a person responsible for first aid cover is present, the Referee should do no more than allow an injured Player to leave the field to receive treatment or allow the first aid person onto the field to administer treatment. The first aid person may come onto the field to administer treatment without notice in the case where a Player is down.

14.1.5 (Amended as per Letter to Clubs 16.07.18)

If for any reason a qualified first aid person is not present, the match will not proceed.

14.2 If for any reason the home or host Club is in breach of Regulation 14.1 the home or host Club takes full responsibility for any injury or incident that occurs.

(Amended as per Letter to Clubs 16.07.18) This rule in its current wording is cancelled.

Please refer amendments above under 14.1 & 14.1.5 – the match cannot proceed.

Additional Medical requirement (as outlined within Letter to Clubs 16.07.18)

  1. Home Clubs must provide at pitch side, a spinal board, head blocks and ‘spider straps’ (accessed pitch side or the kit store room)
  2. Have immediate access to an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) (located at the main tennis stadium within Zayed Sport City)
  3. Ensure there is clear and quick access to the pitch where the match is being played for an ambulance, should it be required (numerous access points exist for ambulances to all pitches with Zayed Sports City)

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