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The Rugby

The training consists of conditioning for rugby, core skills work and team patterns and plays. We try to welcome new players to the game by having small group work to allow them to practice the basics and gain an understanding. For the more advanced players the latest techniques in the game are introduced and hard work is encouraged more. 

We have players from a number of countries, and some are not so traditionally known for their rugby as a nation! We have players from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, France, Romania, Belgium, Greece, Zimbabwe and many, many more.

Rugby is growing in Abu Dhabi, and we now have three clubs in the capital. Previously it was just ourselves. Most people involved in rugby union in the region are aware of the problems relating to decreasing numbers of players in the adult game. As a club we are tackling the problem by ensuring there is a strong junior section so that the future of the game is assured. However, such is the transient nature of this region that it has become increasingly difficult for clubs to have that continuity of players progressing from the junior game to the senior level in clubs.

The team has a lot of fun together and that is also part of the rugby culture. We organise tours to foreign countries, with some of our games taking us to places like Muscat and Bahrain. During training we always have fun as a team, which is important in building team spirit. We feel it is important to have fun and that is what rugby brings.

We respect all our opposition, and respect is a core value of the game at Harlequins. There really is a community atmosphere between all of the clubs in the UAE and we see each other often and get on well.

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