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Midi Rugby (U9, U10, U11 & U12)

U9 & U10

U9 and U10 rugby is played with tackling instead of tagging and the game becomes more physical as age increases. However scrums are NOT allowed in U9 rugby. In U10 scrums are allowed. Scrums consist of three players from each team. The scrum is uncontested (i.e. no pushing) and whichever team wins the scrum gets rewarded the ball, which will then be thrown to the winning team to start a play. There are an equal number of players for both sides, a maximum of seven for U9 and maximum of eight for U10.

- Pitch maximum size 60x35m
- Ball: Size 3 for U9s, Size 4 for U10s
- 15 min each way
- Up to 9 a side
- 5 points for a try. No conversions
- Allowed: tackling, handing the ball to a teammate, ripping, going to ground
- Not allowed: kicking or hand-offs

U11 & U12

U11 rugby consists of twelve players, five of whom who participate in the scrum, while in U12 rugby consists of thirteen players, six of whom who participate in a scrum. What starts the game is a drop kick. After the ball is drop kicked to the opposing team, they will then gather the ball and decide if they want to keep it in play, having the ball drop kicked again, or beginning a scrum in the center of the field. Player can also be called for aggressive actions which include, high/late tackling, an offside, kicking, or an obstruction to the player or the ball. Rucks are also allowed.

- Pitch maximum size 60x43m
- Ball: Size 4
- 20 mins each way
- Up to 12 a side (U11); Up to 13 a side (U12)
- 5 points for a try. 2 points for a conversion
- Allowed: 5 player scrums and lineouts for U11s. 6 for U12s. Some limited kicking
- Not allowed: fly-hacking, drop goals, penalty goals, hand-offs


In midi rugby we see some of the largest progressions as kids slowly and safely learn to tackle and enagage in the physical game. Everything is taken slowly, with a mindfulness of each player's ability and level of comfort. Come down and take a look for yourself!



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