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Youth Rugby (U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18)


From U13 onwards is when players are exposed to every facet of the game. Scrums and lineouts become contested, tackling is now well developed and players are comfortable enough to engage with their adversaries safely. Kicking and handoffs are introduced and throughout these ages players often decide if this really is the game for them. For many, it is, and they stay with us and eventually graduate to the Senior Men or Senior Ladies teams. One or two even hang around long enough to make it to the Vets!


But it's about more than just learning a sport. At Abu Dhabi Harlequins we insist on respect for others, camaraderie, team-spirit and ultimately fun. Over the years we have seen many players grow up through the club and go on to play for national and international teams. But even if they don't, the memories and friendships that are made both on and off the field are invaluable and stay with you forever.


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