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Privacy Policy


Abu Dhabi Harlequins (“ADH” or “Abu Dhabi Quins” or "Quins" or "Harlequins") values the privacy and security of the information that you share with us. This Privacy Statement applies to information collected by ADH through and (the “websites”). This Statement describes how ADH collects, uses, shares, protects, or otherwise processes your personal information. By using these websites, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement.

Collection and Use of Information

ADH collects personal information to set up and manage accounts for our membership and ecommerce services and to handle subscriptions to ADH.

You may need to provide ADH with personal information such as:

  1. names; phone numbers; mailing, billing, shipping, and email addresses;
  2. bank account information; credit and debit card information; dates of birth; identification documents and photos;
ADH uses such information for:
    1. club registration; enabling subscriptions and sales and other transactions; processing payments and settlement; handling orders; providing receipts;
    2. providing refunds, or related issues;
    3. member communication; newsletters; event notifications; compulsory medical waiver forms; marketing and surveys;
    4. recovering debt and collections; detecting and preventing fraud; detecting and preventing violations of our legal agreements;
    5. measuring, improving, and customizing our services; and
    6. fulfilling other technical, logistical, financial, tax, legal, compliance, administrative, or back office functions.

      ADH may also collect background information and credit checks from third parties to verify your identity; deter, detect, and prevent fraud and illegal activity; make business decisions; and as a part of our legal obligations. ADH retains such information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.

      Community Information

      ADH collects information from you to post entries to our community website or forums. Such information may include your email address, user name, date and time of signup, and date and time of posts to the forum.

      ADH uses this information for the secure and efficient functioning of our website, to provide you with access to our community site, to detect and prevent violations of our legal agreements, and as part of any legal obligations related to our community website.

      Transaction Information

      ADH and (the payment gateway used for online financial transactions) collects information on each transaction conducted through our website. Such information may include the amount of the transaction; the goods purchased; payment type; currency; location; Internet Protocol address; and websites visited.

      ADH and Stripe use such information for refunds, for customer service, for website optimisation, or for other administrative or business purposes. Stripe may share information related to the transactions you conduct through our website with sellers, affiliates, or customers for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Statement. ADH and Stripe retain transaction information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.

      Cookies, Web Beacons, and Logs

      ADH may collect information related to your use of our website using cookies, web beacons, and log information.

      Cookies are small files containing strings of text stored on your computer. ADH uses cookies to authenticate you as a user when you log in, track your session, deliver content specific to your preferences and interests, store the contents of your shopping cart, provide features related to payment and customer service, and provide other functions.

      Web beacons are objects embedded into web pages that allow us to determine whether and for how long users view web pages. We use web beacons for site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, auditing and reporting, personalization, and other functions.

      Log information may include web requests, Internet Protocol address, operating system, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request, and cookies that may uniquely identify your browser. ADH uses this information to enhance the functionality of the website and to make your access more convenient, secure, and efficient.

      ADH also uses information gathered from logs, cookies, and web beacons to monitor website performance; improve website design, functionality, and security; and assemble web analytics and activity trends. ADH retains such information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.

      You may stop your browser from accepting cookies or web beacons. The Help portion of your browser should explain how to configure your browser’s cookie handling. Your browser may have add-ons that may help you block web beacons. You may have limited functionality if you block cookies or web beacons set by our website.

      Google Analytics

      ADH may use Google Analytics, a web analytics service. Google Analytics uses cookies, web beacons, and other means to help ADH analyse how users use the site. You may find Google’s Privacy Policy at


      We will seek your consent prior to using your personal information in a manner incompatible with the purposes we described in our Privacy Statement at the time of collection. You may choose not to provide any personal information to ADH, in which case we will be unable to provide services to you.

      Sharing of Information

        ADH only shares information as described in this Privacy Statement. ADH shares information with the following categories of third parties. Such third parties are prohibited by law or by contract from processing personal information for purposes other than those disclosed in this Privacy Statement.

        Organisations that Provide Services to Us

        ADH discloses personal information to other organisations that perform services on our behalf. We require such organisations to use such information solely for the purposes of providing services to us and to protect the personal information with appropriate safeguards.

        Such organisations include financial institutions; payment processors; money transfer service providers; acquirers; auditors; background and credit check organisations; fraud prevention service providers and anti-fraud networks; marketing service providers; database managers; customer service providers and representatives; debt collectors; and others who perform technical, logistical, financial, tax, legal, compliance, or administrative functions on our behalf.

        These organisations may perform functions such as processing credit and debit card payments, sending wire transfers, providing background and credit checks, providing fraud checks, providing customer service, analysing data, supplying marketing assistance, fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and email, debt collections, and providing other financial, technical, logistical, tax, legal, compliance, or administrative functions.

        Financial institutions, payment processors, and acquirers may share the information that ADH provides to them with other financial institutions or card networks in order to provide financial services, payment services, and to process payments. Fraud prevention service providers and anti-fraud networks may share the information ADH discloses to them with other fraud prevention service providers and anti-fraud network participants in order to provide fraud checks.


        ADH may disclose personal information where:

        1. required by law or by an order or requirement of a court, administrative agency, or other government entity, or by court rules concerning the production of records;
        2. ADH has reasonable grounds to believe that use or disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, property, or safety of our users or others;
        3. ADH has reasonable grounds to believe that the information relates to the breach of an agreement or violation of the law that has been, is being, or is about to be committed;
        4. it is necessary for fraud protection, risk reduction, or the establishment or collection of funds owed to us;
        5. it is necessary to enforce or apply our legal agreements, to pursue remedies, or to limit damages to ADH;
        6. the information is public;
        7. you have provided consent or with your direction; or
        8. other reasons allow it or other laws require it

        When we are required or permitted to disclose information, we will not disclose more information than is necessary to fulfill the disclosure purpose.

        ADH may disclose aggregate or statistical information to our business partners, for public relations purposes, or other purposes.

        Sharing of Media Assets

        ADH may create and/or solicit media assets such as photos and videos of players, teams, coaches, managers, staff, events and tournaments. Such media assets may be used by ADH or its sponsors for marketing purposes both internally within the ADH community, or externally to the public. As a member of ADH you may knowingly or unknowingly feature in a photo or video that is used in this way. ADH does understand and remains sympathetic to personal preferences and/or cultural sensitivities in this regard and will commit to not knowingly use media assets in a way that conflicts with an individual’s wishes when said media assets are to be used to refer to a specific person. However, due to the nature of ADH activities being team (and not individual) sport it is unfeasible for the club to entertain requests for specific individuals not to appear in any media assets. Your participation in ADH club activities (i.e. training, matches and events) infers acceptance of the fact that you may appear such media assets that are used in this way.


        At your request, we will provide you with reasonable access to your personal information, so that you can review what we have stored and, if you choose, request corrections to it. You may request access by sending an email to the Membership Secretary listed on The Committee page. After you request access, we will provide the personal information that you request as soon as practically possible and generally no later than thirty days following the request. If you wish to correct your personal information you may do so yourself by logging into the website with your username (in the format '') and password and browsing to your Profile page. If you are experiencing problems with this then please let us know.

        ADH stores, collects, and otherwise processes information mainly in Abu Dhabi, UAE


        ADH combines technical and physical safeguards with employee policies and procedures to protect your information. We work to protect your personal information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer software, which encrypts the information that you provide online at our website. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information. We will also continue to assess new technology for protecting information and upgrade our information security systems when appropriate.

        Further, we permit only authorised ADH members and third parties to access any personal information. If a member misuses personal information, we may take disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the club. If any third party individual or organisation misuses personal information, we will take action, up to and including termination of any agreement between ADH and that individual or organisation.

        Data Integrity

        ADH processes personal information only for the purposes it was originally collected and in accordance with this Privacy Statement. ADH takes commercially reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data is relevant, reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete, and current for the purposes for which it is used. ADH retains information for as long as reasonably required for business purposes or as reasonably required to comply with our legal obligations.


        ADH does not offer subscriptions or products for purchase by children, but we do offer subscriptions and products for children for purchase by adults. During the course of subscribing a member who is a child or selling a product that is intended for a child we may collect personal information of that child. This may include first name, last name, age, birthday, passport number, Emirates ID number, email address, phone number, medical information, clothing sizes and parent's or guardian's name and contact details.

        Links to Other Websites

        When you click on a link on this website that takes you to a website operated by another company, you will be subject to that company’s privacy practices.

        Controlling Unsolicited Email

        We may send you information about the club, or products and services. You may log into your Profile and update your Preferences to stop receiving this information. You may also opt out of ADH's marketing list.


        ADH may amend this Privacy Statement on one or more occasions by posting a revised statement on this website or a similar website that replaces this website. ADH will amend this Privacy Statement in a manner consistent with the Safe Harbor Principles.

        Enforcement, Dispute Resolution & Verification

        Please contact us with any questions or concerns related to this Privacy Statement by using the addresses listed in The Committee page. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints or disputes regarding personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. For complaints that have not been satisfactorily addressed, you may use the dispute resolution procedures of the UAE that can be found at


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