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Medical Emergency Action Plan


  1. Zayed Sports City Abu Dhabi: 02 403 4200
  2. Nearest medical center and A&E is Mediclinic just across the road: 02 444 6655 / 4199


  1. Quins defibrillator is located in the Quins Medical Store at the far end of Pitches 11/12
  2. Spinal board is pitch side or in the medical store room
  3. First-aiders and First-Aid kits are found pitch-side during training and games

Internal Support Personnel

  1. Team Physiotherapist: game cover and resuscitation and spinal injury management (Men’s 1st Team Only)
  2. First aiders: minor injuries and transportation of injured players or bystanders
  3. Ground managers: on-field transportation
  4. Pitch and match official coordinator: any emergency event

External Support Personnel

  1. Doctors of various specialties used if and when needed can be found at Mediclinic: 02 444 6655 / 4199
  2. Ambulance coverage used for severe injuries and transportation

Local emergency numbers

  1. Police: 999
  2. Ambulance: 998
  3. Fire: 997

Process in event of an Emergency

1st Aid/Resuscitation

This will be assessed and dealt with on the pitch or sidelines and depending on the severity and the appropriate actions will be followed as listed below:

  1. Minor injury - Stabilise and splint or dressing
  2. Moderate injury - Stabilise, splint and transport to nearest medical facility
  3. Severe injury (life threatening or spinal) - call ambulance and stabilise as best can be done

Spinal Injury Management

Dealt by appropriately trained persons with the use of spinal board and transportation to appropriate medical facility (in this caseSSMC - Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City - 02 314 4444)

Major Incident: Evacuation Plan

In case of any major emergencies the evacuation plan is to direct all participants and bystanders into the car park of the bowling alley. In the case of any severe weather or natural phenomenon, such as thunder storms, then all concerned will be directed into the indoor area of the tennis stadium.

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